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Haraka Tours

1400 years ago a man stood alone in battle facing thousands – on the 10th of Muharram on the plains of Karbala he made a call that transcended time and space to reach us today…

“Is there anyone out there to help us’?

Over the last 3 years – Haraka has been working on the ground to bring you weekly programmes – to bring you closer to Allah(swt), the prophet and the Ahlulbayt(a) whilst creating a family within our community.

Even during the covid-19 pandemic we continued online to ensure the bond that we forged did not break.

We are now taking Haraka to the next level, to the holy cities of Iraq, Saudi Arabia; such as Karbala and Medina – and we are taking the Haraka family with us.

With decades of ziyarah experience and internationally renowned speakers and reciters such as Sheikh Azhar Nasser, Haj Mustafa Masood, Mulla Ali Fadhil and Mulla Rashid Haider – The tours we will take you on are not to be missed.